1) CME Provider – Who can apply for accreditation?

Applications for accreditation can be submitted by

  • international or national medical/cardiac/cardiovascular societies, universities, professional unions and the associated working groups or affiliated societies of the institutions mentioned above,
  • other providers (individual cardiologists, groups of cardiologists or others), will need a Letter of Endorsement from a university, teaching hospital or medical scientific society, by which these institutions take responsibility for the quality and independence of content and presentation.

For each CME/CPD activity a responsible scientific course director, a physician actively involved in patient care, has to be appointed.

EBAC does not offer provider accreditation.


 2) Educational Programmes – What can be submitted for accreditation?

EBAC basically accredits two different types of programmes:

1) oral presentations with simultaneous presence of the audience, this includes webinars, visitation programmes etc.

  • verification of attendance is mandatory
  • 1 CME credit point will be awarded for 1 hour of education, containing 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for discussion
  • per hour of education one CME point will be awarded up to a maximum of 6 points for one day of education.

2) all other presentations of CME/CPD, including print media, CD-ROM, internet, e-books etc.

  • verification of attendance is mandatory
  • If there is no verification of attendance or attendance cannot be monitored the provider has to define the amount of CME/CPD material which should yield one credit point. This should have a high enough a priori likelihood that at least 45 minutes will be needed for study. This will usually be the case if the material equals 6-10 pages printed in a journal format. 1 CME credit point will be awarded for each unit of education which goes along with 6 multiple choice questions (MCQs), out of which 4 have to be answered correctly. The provider has to take care that there will be no multiple acquisition of points by multiple use of the same material.
  • Accreditation is valid for 2 years. The provider may apply for prolongation, which will initiate a new accreditation procedure.

For detailed information on the application procedure, please read more here.


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