Application Procedure

The whole accreditation process takes place online:


EBAC Checklist

1) The educational programme is organized by a scientific/ academic institution (university, medical professional society, teaching hospital) called the CME Provider. Before submitting an educational programme to EBAC, the CME Provider needs to register in the EBAC System ( registration is for free.

2) The educational programme is developed under the responsibility of a Scientific Course Director appointed in a corresponding Letter of Endorsement, issued by the scientific institution which is formally registered as a CME Provider.

3) The educational programme complies with the principles and rules of procedure as outlined in the EBAC Policy Statement and Accreditation Rules.

4a) Events: The (preliminary) EBAC – Event Programme must contain event date(s), session(s) timing, topics and speakers names. If there are any sponsors, the event and its programme needs to be in line with the EBAC Guidelines for Commercial Support.

4b) E-learning: The provided (preliminary) e-learning material must display (final) length, topic(s) and speakers/authors names. If there are any sponsors, the e-learning material needs to be in line with the EBAC Guidelines for Commercial Support.

5) The faculty list must contain First name, Family name, Institutional Affiliation, Country.

6) The educational programme is open to all medical community.

7) The educational objectivestarget audience and needs assessment need to be outlined.

8) Disclosure of conflict of interest: EBAC requires all presenters/authors/ chairmen/ moderators/course directors to declare their financial as well as non-financial interests based on a standard disclosure form. This should (ideally in advance to the CME/CPD activity) be made available to all participants and may also be used by organising committees to structure their strategy to manage conflicts of interests. Please read carefully the EBAC Declaration of Interests Policy and Rules – 2016 and use the templates (Disclosure-Form-A and Disclosure-Form-B).

9a) Events: Verification of attendance is mandatory (attendance list, badges, registration desk or other procedure)

9b) E-learning:  Attendance need to be verified by Multiple Choice questions (MCQs). 1 hour of educational material  needs to go along with 6 MCQs (with 5 stems each), out of which 4 have to be answered correctly. The provider has to take care that there will be no multiple acquisition of points by multiple use of the same material.

10) EBAC Certificate of Attendance with the number of individually collected credits should be delivered at the end of the programme.

11) Each EBAC accredited educational programme shall be evaluated. The completed EBAC Evaluation Forms need to be send to the EBAC office. In addition, the CME provider can also use their own evaluation form.

12) An EBAC Event Report is mandatory and has to be submitted in due time after the event took place.

The review and accreditation process takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks. We recommend applying as soon as all required information is available. Please note that incomplete information given will delay the review of your application.