Companies cannot be an EBAC CME provider. But Sponsoring is allowed and should be compliant with the EBAC Guidelines for Commercial Support for CME events.

EBAC Accredited Educational Programmes

A satellite symposium describes a historical format consisting of a symposium or presentation which takes place outside the main programme of a major meeting of a scientific organization. The main characteristic of a satellite is that the sponsor(s) take(s) full responsibility for the event, including the selection of content and speakers. This means that from a legal point of view a satellite is part of the corporate communication of the sponsor(s).

EBAC does not accredit satellite symposia. EBAC may accredit so called “Accredited Educational Programmes (AEP)” in the context of the congress of a scientific society or professional union. An AEP has to be organized by a scientific or academic organization/institution, which appoints the course director and takes responsibility for the quality and independence of content and presentation. AEP’s cannot be part of the corporate communication of the sponsor(s), i.e. no advertisement/announcement of the event or display of webcasts at the congress booth etc.

Sponsoring should be provided by an unrestricted educational grant.