EBAC will stimulate, coordinate and facilitate high quality CE in medicine, both for individuals and institutions, in order to provide the highest possible standard of care for patients and populations. EBAC awards CE points as a sign of quality and independence for participation in educational activities. Definitions of learning objectives, targeting the audience, and assuring objectively presented scientific content are among the key features that will be considered by EBAC when accrediting a programme.


  • accredits continuing education in the health professions, i.e. physicians, nurses, allied professions, and teams (interprofessional CE).
  • endorses, and accredits according to the International Academy for CPD Accreditation (IACPDA) Standards for Substantive Equivalency between CPD/CME Accreditation Systems.

EBAC accredits

    • live educational events as well as all types of enduring materials, and e-learning (incl. micro e-learning).
    • international educational activities (except live educational activities in the USA and Canada).
    • national activities for which international participation can be expected. Since EBAC accreditation is not competitive, but rather subsidiary to accreditation by national accreditation systems, applying in parallel for national accreditation maybe necessary to meet the needs of native participants (mandatory for Germany, Austria, Switzerland).
    • national activities in case that there is no national accreditation system in place.
    • sponsored activities, which comply with the IACPDA Consensus Statement for Independence and Funding of CME/CPD.
    • educational activities before they have started/ been launched online. With this regard EBAC recommends to have an application fully completed 6 weeks prior to when the activity is going to start.