Upon the successful accreditation the CME Provider will be informed via email and will be able to download all relevant documents from his personal dashboard.

The accreditation allows the CME activity to carry the official EBAC_Accreditation Statement and logo¹.

Accreditation Certificate for the CME Provider

EBAC_Certificate-of-Attendance with the number of individually collected credits should be delivered at the end of the programme/ per email after the event/ made available as a download…for each participant.


Each EBAC accredited educational programme shall be evaluated. The completed EBAC Evaluation Forms need to be send to the EBAC office. In addition, the CME provider can also use their own evaluation form.

Event Report

An EBAC Event Report is mandatory and has to be submitted in due time after the event took place.

¹Use of the EBAC accreditation statement and the EBAC logo are only authorised to appear on Attendance Certificates, Event programme, Website of the specific accredited CME activity. Abusive use of the EBAC name and logo can result in legal pursuit.

Promotion and the use of EBAC logo

The CME provider that will receive the EBAC Accreditation Certificate will be allowed to use the EBAC name and logo on its promotional materials. Abusive use of EBAC name and logo can give the reason to legal pursuits.