Scientific Institutions

Applications for accreditation may be submitted by

  • international or national medical/cardiac/cardiovascular societies, universities, professional unions and the associated working groups or affiliated societies of the institutions mentioned above,
  • other providers (individual cardiologists, groups of cardiologists or others), who will need a Letter of Endorsement from a university, teaching hospital or medical scientific society, by which these institutions take responsibility for the quality and independence of content and presentation.

They are called CME Provider.

Furthermore, for each CME/CPD activity a scientific course director has to be appointed, who has to be a physician actively involved in patient care.

EBAC does not offer provider accreditation.

EBAC accreditation is not competitive but rather subsidiary to national accreditation systems, targeting the participants from foreign countries. Therefore, in parallel to EBAC accreditation, national accreditation as to be applied for – for the participants of the country where the event takes place.

For further information on the EBAC Accreditation process, please go to EBAC Application Procedure.