European Board for Accreditation of
Continuing Education for Health Professionals

International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) approves European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology as new member

The European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology (EBAC) is honoured to announce that the International Association of Medical Regulators Authorities (IAMRA) has approved EBAC as new partner member.


According to IAMRA statutes (www.iamra.com/bylaws) “partner membership is open to an organization, which has a nexus to IAMRA:
a) as indicated by its direct contribution to the quality and integrity of the practice of medicine and therefore medical regulation, through activities such as medical education and assessment (undergraduate and postgraduate), credentialing of licensed/registered practitioners; …”


  • unites medical regulatory authorities from all over the world, defined as “organization
    recognized by the government of a specific country or jurisdiction as being responsible for the registration/licensure of physicians (medical practitioners) and/or the regulation and discipline of such physicians.”
  • aims to achieve five main goals:
    • Creating a global community of medical regulators by expanding IAMRA’s
      membership and influence, and increase value to members.
    • Promoting appropriate accreditation processes to achieve high standards in
      medical education and training.
    • Supporting and encouraging members to develop mechanisms for assuring
      the continued competence of doctors.
    • Promoting and enabling the proactive sharing of fitness to
      practice/disciplinary information among IAMRA members.
    • Strengthening the evidence base for regulation by encouraging research and
      evaluation of regulatory processes, and the publication and sharing of findings.

IAMRA members “join an international community of organizations that shares your commitment to excellence in medical regulation. This community is an important source of support, information, and resources for your organization. Through membership, your organization also can collaborate with international colleagues to shape the future of medical regulation.”

EBAC is looking forward to an exciting new experience in collaborating with IAMRA members worldwide to achieve IAMRA’s main goals and promote highest standards of medical care, and contribute to development of globally accepted standards in the practice of accreditation of CME/CPD.

Robert Schaefer, MD