European Board for Accreditation of
Continuing Education for Health Professionals

Prof. Joerg Stein, MD, PhD new chair of EBAC Advisory and Reviewing Committee (ARC)

As of July 1st, 2018, Prof. Joerg Stein (AT) has been appointed new chair of EBAC ARC by the ECSF Council.

Joerg Stein is a former Head, Department III of Paediatrics (Cardiology, Pneumology, Allergology, Cystic Fibrosis) at Innsbruck University Hospital, and joined EBAC as a reviewer in 2008, nominated by the Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology (AEPC).


“EBAC has made major progress in recent years in substantial equivalency between accreditors as driving force of harmonisation of CPD accreditation. This has been recognised by the International Association of Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA), who have appointed EBAC, as first and only European international accreditor, as partner member in 2018. I am committed to continue that way”, says Prof. Stein, who also mentioned, that he would like to see EBAC to further develop accreditation of interdisciplinary as well as inter-professional CPD.

The EBAC ARC is not only responsible for review of applications submitted to EBAC for accreditation, but is also supposed to make proposals to ECSF bodies how to further develop concepts and practice of CPD accreditation. With this regard EBAC has started to accredit educational units of less than 60 minutes duration (incl. micro-e-learning) in 2018.

According to Prof. Stein, “it is not only the development of new educational formats, which need to be considered in accreditation, but the objective to organise independent, clinically relevant CPD driven by patients’ needs still remains a challenge, also 20 years after introduction of accreditation in Europe. EBAC has a group of highly experienced reviewers to meet these challenges, and I am proud to be the new ARC chair.”

Best regards,

Robert Schaefer, MD