European Board for Accreditation of
Continuing Education for Health Professionals

EBAC provider accreditation – call for applications

EBAC has started CME accreditation in 2001, and has so far exclusively practiced activity accreditation.
EBAC, in agreement with its parent organisation ECSF, now has started to also offer provider accreditation to allow providers to establish a culture of learning, and develop their unique profile.


Eligible providers

  • are free from any influence from commercial interests
  • have a CME mission statement, and
  • have the necessary human, technical, financial and physical resources to manage 
the approval process of CME

All staff, dealing with EBAC accredited activities, will have participated in appropriate training prior to accreditation of the accredited provider. 


Providers now have the choice to continue with activity accreditation or apply for provider accreditation. All applications will continue to be processed through the EBAC electronic application system, and evaluated according to the EBAC framework of principles and rules for CME accreditation.

The relevant documents related to provider accreditation

  • Application Form
  • Terms and Conditions for EBAC Accredited Providers

can be found on the EBAC website (https://www.ebac-cme.org/library/).

Apply now and become an EBAC Accredited Provider!


Robert Schaefer, MD