European Board for Accreditation of
Continuing Education for Health Professionals

Covid-19: let’s stay together…. and keep our distance

Dear colleagues,
dear Madams,
dear Sirs,

the Covid-19 pandemic is stretching societies and in particular health care workers globally. The unforeseen challenge of this pandemic now makes it an ethical obligation for physicians, nurses and all others working in health care to deliver care to Covid-19 patients, and help to stop further spread of the infection.

In our view, this unescapable obligation implies that for a time period of unknown duration travel, as well as live meetings of whatever size, cannot be justified solely for the purposes of continuing medical education. Thus, EBAC is in full support of all providers who now postpone or even cancel planned live educational meetings. EBAC will do everything to facilitate unbureaucratic re-accreditation once the activity has been rescheduled. Please do not hesitate to contact the EBAC office in case of further questions in this regard.


We are also aware that due to current regulations some physicians might still have to fulfil CME requirements imposed by regulators. EBAC would like to ask all providers of online learning material to facilitate access to their e-learning modules in support of all those who are obliged to continue CME even in these difficult times. EBAC is willing to prolong the time interval for which accreditation of material for distance learning is valid (currently 2 years) as required. The EBAC office will provide all support to process such a request.

We hope that you and your loved ones are not affected by Covid-19 infection and wish you all the best to cope with this unprecedented challenge.

Best regards

Robert Schaefer, MD