European Board for Accreditation of
Continuing Education for Health Professionals

JECME – call-for-papers

Dear colleagues,
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the fully electronic, open access Journal of European CME (JECME, www.jecme.eu) is the only Europe based scholarly journal devoted to publishing research on CME. Since 2012 JECME has made substantial contributions to the theory and practice of CME, not only in Europe but globally. It has thus given Europe a voice in the CME research community by e.g. regularly publishing conference reports as well as follow-up papers of the Cologne Consensus Conference (organized by ECSF, the parent organization of EBAC).

A cornerstone in the theory of CME is that CME should not be considered as an end unto itself, but improve patient as well as community health. One of the prominent proponents of this concept has been Don Moore from Vanderbilt University in the US. JECME is proud to announce that Don has agreed to be a guest editor of a special edition of JECME collecting papers on outcomes of CME, for more information please go to


JECME – call-for-papers

EBAC has supported JECME since its beginning, and we would kindly ask you to consider to submit to JECME. Please note that the deadline is Sept.4th, 2020.

Best regards and stay safe!

Robert Schaefer, MD