European Board for Accreditation of
Continuing Education for Health Professionals

New EBAC online evaluation tool II

In follow up of the last EBAC Newsletter we would like to provide you with the information to implement the new EBAC online evaluation tool into your educational activities.

From June 15, 2022, on all accreditation statements will contain a URL and a QR code to access the online evaluation form for your respective educational activity.

Thus, please take care that

  • planning committee and faculty be informed to design the program accordingly and include “evaluation” as last point of the agenda. From June 15, 2022, on the EBAC review process will contain a check, whether this has been implemented in the program
  • the last speaker will integrate the URL as well as the QR code into her/his presentation (for further details please see below)
  • at the very end of each educational activity the URL as well as the QR code are presented to participants as a “last slide”, to be displayed for 3 minutes
  • participants can only claim their certificates after filling the evaluation form (relates to all education delivered online, including “on demand” versions).

You are kindly invited to report on your experience with the new tool in a virtual conference to be scheduled about 8 weeks after the launch of the new online evaluation form.

How to find the URL and the QR-code for your activity?

In the EBAC Management (https://services.ebac-cme.org) search for your programme and go to “Programme details”. Next to “Invoice” you will find a new tab “Survey”. Selecting this tab shows you the URL and the QR-code for your survey.

The URL for your survey starts with “http://ebac.vote/” followed by a 4 – 6 digit code. The QR-code can be scanned by most smartphone and points the smartphone’s web-browser directly to your survey.

To copy the URL to your computer’s clipboard, click on “Copy to pasteboard”. This will copy the URL into your pasteboard, and you can insert it into any other document. 

To download the QR-code image to your computer, click “Download QR-code image”. Your web-browser will download the image as PNG file. You can insert it into any other document from your downloads folder.