European Board for Accreditation of
Continuing Education for Health Professionals

EBAC Newsletter 2022_VI: Future of e-Learning in continuing professional development (CPD)

Dear EBAC® clients and supporters, We are looking back on a year shaken not only by the ongoing pandemic, but also by a crisis brought about by the Russian-Ukrainian war. Globalisation does not only facilitate the spread of infectious diseases, but also forms a basis for deadly domino effects in case of events as the Russian war against Ukraine, with countries in the global South now suffering from severe famine. This is a strong reminder for us as medical profession that community health may only be achieved, when we also consider the social and political dimension of medicine, including medical education. EBAC® accredits activities with global attendance, and activities in different parts of the world outside Europe. As an accrediting body we have strengthened our contribution to this complex process by incorporating in the EBAC® basic documents that educational “content should always contain a community health perspective” (https://www.ebac-cme.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Roles-and-Responsibilities-of-Providers-f-2022.pdf), to support providers and faculty to meet the needs of participants, often having a diverse health-care systems’ background. In 2022 the provider community has still been struggling to find the new normal between live in-person meetings and online education. EBAC® would like to actively contribute to this discussion with its fully virtual symposium on

Future of e-Learning in continuing professional development (CPD)


Jan 27, 2023, 2pm CET

Please mark your calendars, we will provide you with the final program and further connection details in due time! This conference aims to discuss the many pros and cons around e-learning and find an integrative approach serving as many relevant aspects as possible. On behalf of EBAC staff and reviewers I would like to extend our warm thanks to all of you for your continuing cooperation and support in 2022! Please stay safe! With best wishes for a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year Yours sincerely

Robert Schaefer, MD