European Board for Accreditation of
Continuing Education for Health Professionals

EBAC Newsletter 2023_II: EBAC Symposium this week

Dear Madam,
dear Sir, 
dear colleague,

The EBAC/ECSF Symposium on

“Future of e-learning in CPD”,

to be held on 

Jan 27, 2023, 2pm Brussels time

Is approaching fast, please find below the final agenda:

Future of e-Learning in continuing professional development (CPD)

Moderators: Fabiola de Andrade/Reinhard Griebenow

  1. Welcome   Reinhard Griebenow/Fabiola de Andrade
  2. Introduction  Henrik Herrmann/Reinhard Griebenow 
  3. Current workplace conditions- a culture of learning?- results of the Marburger Bund Monitor 2022 Henrik Herrmann
  4. Facilitators and barriers in using e-Learning   Stephanie Herbstreit
  5. Impact of micro-e-learning   Wendy Walsh
  6. Administrative issues in statutory accreditation systems   Nico Herbst
  7. Self-directed learning- recent developments   Reinhard Griebenow
  8. Panel discussion: What are the determinants for an integrative approach?  All faculty and participants


  1. Fabiola de Andrade, Confabs Counselling, Rotterdam, NL
  2. Prof. Reinhard Griebenow, MD, European Cardiology Section Foundation, Cologne, D
  3. Dr. Nico Herbst, cbh Lawyers, Cologne, D
  4. Prof. Stephanie Herbstreit, MD, University of Duisburg-Essen, D
  5. Prof. Henrik Herrmann, MD, European Cardiology Section Foundation, Cologne, and Marburger Bund Germany, Berlin, D
  6. Wendy Walsh, UpToDate, Boston, USA

If not yet done please respond to  


to receive the conference link for this virtual symposium.

Looking forward to see you on Friday I remain

Yours sincerely

Robert Schaefer, MD